The idea of chasing mermaids has been around for a long time. Mermaids have origins in many cultures some as dangerous femme fatales who seduce you, steal your treasure and take you to the bottom of the sea. Others who will aid passing sailors assuming they have the right passphrase.

Whichever you choose to believe in they are rare and elusive.

For us the idea of sailing the world and doing what we love is a dream that we’ve had for some time. So to us chasing mermaids is the search for the elusive, the dreams the joys and rarities of life.

We’re planning on doing this on our sailing yacht Seraphina of London. The name of the boat was not given by us but rather by the previous owner. From our (light) research, a seraphin is one of the highest ranking angels. The Italian philosopher Pico della Mirandola had this to say in his book  Oration on the Dignity of Man”  (1487).

Pico took the fiery Seraphim—”they burn with the fire of charity”—as the highest models of human aspiration…

For us that aspiration is move a few steps away from convention and into a cadence of life that’s a little more in tune with how we want to live our lives.