It has been a busy, tiring and expensive year but we can finally announce that Seraphina’s refit is complete.

She has new sails, rigging, pumps, electronics and everything that moves or is mechanical has been serviced or repaired. It has been a pretty massive undertaking but we’re glad she’s finally ready to leave the UK.

Going dutch

It’s official, we’re going dutch. Seraphina should be reflagged this month to the Netherlands. We decided that we wanted to keep the boat within the EU for various reasons and as Camilla is Dutch the Netherlands was the most obvious option.

After sailing across the North Sea with Hurricane Lorenzo chasing us we made it to Rotterdam.

Probably one of the toughest crossings yet due to the ‘confused’ seas we managed to make it after around 36 hours non-stop sailing.

Winter in London

Assuming we find a break in the weather we’ll be bringing the boat back over to the UK and she’ll spend the Christmas months in UK.

As with previous years, we’ll be getting friends, family and some people from the London tech community down for whiskey and mince pies.

What’s next

The plan is to leave the UK at some point next year around April and August. That depends on a couple of factors around work, projects, and finances but we’re pretty excited to get moving.