I thought it might be helpful to list out some of the key kit and purchases we’ve made for anyone that’s interested. Most of this kit is tried and tested from a couple of years use. I’ll note the new purchases that are under evaluation.


  • {Sails} Peter Sanders in the Solent, he did a good job on our bespoke request
  • {Standing rigging} Performance Rigging in the Solent, they’re an outstanding team there
  • {Anchor} Rocna on the front, CQR in the aft locker
  • {Chain } 100m, tbh bit disspointing to old one as isn’t always happy on the gypsy
  • {Outboard} Tohatsu 20HP outboard – New 2020, 43kg has changed how and where we can anchor
  • {Dinghy} Today it’s an old heavy zodiac 310 cadet – Plan is a 3D tender 320 UltraLight

Power/Key electronics

We’re on our road to primarily solar power, this is done for our day to day minus cooking. Our next step is to upgrade batteries to Lifepoe4 and add an invertor as this will allow us to run the induction hob for most cooking.

We’ve changed all of our devices, laptops included, to USB-C charging, this simplifies the number and types of cables. A macbook air/pro 13 will charge fine off decent USB-C 12V car charger.


  • {Solar panels} x3 Renology 160W 12V panels – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B079HJQBVW/
  • {Charge controller} Victron 250/50 MPPT SmartSolar
  • {Battery monitor} Renology 500A – https://www.renogy.com/500a-battery-monitor/
  • {Batteries} x4 105Ah lead acid batteries

Overall the solar set-up is probably one of the areas I’m happiest with. It’s really nice to be fully self sufficient power wise.


  • {12V socket chargers} Anker 30W USB-C + USB – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anker-Charger-PowerDrive-Speed-Delivery/dp/B071WYF9HP/
  • {Internet} Huwawei E8372 LTE Dongle & WiFi hotspot – Everything runs through this
  • {Water} Parmax 2.9 water pump – Brilliant variable speed waterpump, the PM4 is less good
  • {Printer} HP Officejet 250 portable printer – Pretty avg. but essential to knock out paperwork
  • {Fridge} BD35 compressor, fridge is quite big so this keeps up even when it’s well into the 30’s


The boat had all old Raymarine gen 1 gear on it when we got it and it was starting to become faulty/unreliable. I’m not a fan of raymarine, not sure why, I think it’s their never ending efforts to keep their networks proprietary so opted for B&G.

  • {Depth} DST800 – We’re thinking about testing fwd scan and a Zeus MFD next season
  • {Wind} WS310 B&G Wind sensor
  • {Compass} B&G Precision 9 compass
  • {MFD} Triton2 MFD by helm
  • {AIS} Vesper XB8000 AIS/NMEA WiFi bridge – I would recommend the Cortex now
  • {Plotter} Samsung ActiveTab2 – Has WiFi/GPS/LTE and is waterproof
  • {Apps} Navionics, OpenCPN & NavMonitor (NMEA relay)

Autohelm is still running off the old raymarine set-up. Not cheap to replace so we’re going to keep it running until it gives up and then will make the final step of replacing the course computer and control arm.


I love music so having a decent sound system is key for me. Nothing quite like pumping up some good music when you’re offshore and everyone needs a little boost.

  • {Head unit} Pioneer MVH-X580DAB – Works nicely on Bluetooth with multiple devices
  • {Cockpit speakers} JL Audio MX650-CCX-SG-WH 6.5″ – Not cheap but amazing quality and volume
  • {Cabin speakers} Focal speakers