We’re taking our boat Seraphina from the UK to the Carribean on the 2020 ARC. All in around 2,500nm to the Canary Islands and a further 2,600nm to Saint Lucia in the Carribean.

If you like the idea of sailing off into the sunset then you might enjoy joining our crew!

You’ll get involved with all aspects including watch duty, cooking, cleaning and maintenance. Every morning you’ll wake up in your cabin on Seraphina and will be able to join us on our quest for a better life.


Rough Itinerary

  • July: Boat maintenance (We’ll pay for a week of sailing for every week you help)
  • August: Depart UK => N. France and the Channel Islands
  • September: N.France => Gibraltar
  • October: Gibraltar => Canary Islands
  • November: Gran Canaria => St.Lucia

Trip cadence

We like sailing and exploring but also carving out enough time to catch up on work. We’ll be aiming to spend at least 2-3 days a week at anchor or in a marina somewhere we can get WiFi/3G/4G so that we can keep on top of projects.


This is a non-commercial venture. You’ll be expected to contribute towards living costs i.e. food, marinas, data, fuel etc. We set this depending on the region we’re sailing, for Europe and ARC it’s £150/week per person.

For the four weeks around the ARC (The Canary Islands to the Carribean) add £500 to cover entry fees and additional costs.

You won’t be expected to contribute money for boat maintenance, repairs etc. (though elbow grease is always in need)

About us

We’re both active and in our thirties (Camilla 30 & Duncan 35) and after a collective 15+ years in London working in tech, we felt that the time was right to change things up.

We wanted to keep building awesome apps but needed a change of scenery. So we did the obvious and bought a 42ft offshore sailing boat called Seraphina.

The boat is our platform for work, travel and a new world of experiences. If you’re a digital nomad or looking to go down that path then we’re along there with you!

There’s more on us here.

About you

We’re looking for people who can join us for at least four weeks and can be part of the crew. The boat is our platform for exploration, work and fun so we’d love to meet anyone from in or around the digital nomad world.

No real experience is needed, however, we’d recommend that you’ve done at least one week or two weekends sailing. Plenty of dinghy sailing also fine. This is mainly so that you know what you’re signing up for. We can talk about experience and ways we can get you up to speed as needed.

This trip might not be for you if..

If any of the below apply this might not be for you:
– You are under 21 years old.
– Get sea sick easily or often.
– Tolerance is a must. Adventure is for everyone and as travellers, we are always the visitor. If you don’t respect others thoughts, beliefs, opinions and sexual orientation, this isn’t for you.
– Have a major medical condition – You will be far, far away from major medical at times. If you have a condition that might require major medical help quickly, this might not be for you.

Join The Crew, Submission Details

We know there are a lot of people out there who would love the opportunity to experience the sailing lifestyle or simply go on a big adventure. We wish we could bring each one of you aboard, but sadly we only have two cabins available.

We hope to make this an ongoing opportunity. So don’t fret, if you are not selected this time around, there will be other opportunities.

This is a minimum of a 4-week commitment. We’ll plan a short honeymoon period and drop off location if things just don’t work out for some unknown reason.

You can be an individual, couple or two separate individuals willing to share a cabin. Anyone wanting to come aboard must be included in the submission process (video, email, etc).

3 minute or less video submission required to be considered. This isn’t a video contest, this is an opportunity to introduce yourself. Upload your video to YouTube (or vimeo, WhatsApp etc) and let us know:

  • Who are you and why do you want to come aboard?
  • What will you contribute to the crew? Maybe you are an expert sailor who can help sharpen the crew’s skills. A video editor who can lend some new techniques to our videos. A marine biologist passionate about the environment who wants to help educate and create awareness for our oceans. A master baker who wants to test his/her cookie baking skills at sea…It can be anything!
  • CV w/References – Linkedin profile, github etc.. We’re inviting you into our lives and our floating home. We think it’s important to get to know you at least as much as we would if we were hiring you for a job. (Ours are all on the about page);

Applications Submitted Here – Please send your video link, resume and any last thoughts you think we should know (100 words or less) to the form below.

Find out more about us and the boat here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4p17KIJWHEEpfmZVi2_dGg

Please bear in mind we’re inviting you into our lives and our home. We think it’s important to get to know you.


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